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Trustworthiness. We have been providing editing and proofreading services for over ten years now. Over this period, we have gained the trust of as many as 65,320 clients who have submitted an astounding 210,000 academic papers, essays, and other content pieces to be polished to perfection by our expert team of editors. Most of them have become our returning customers who have chosen us as a dependable source to bring their work to the highest standards possible. With us, a perfect user journey for you is guaranteed! We take up even the most challenging tasks, aiming to satisfy the specific needs of each customer.

Long-established reputation. Why do so many clients trust us? Our experts are well-trained, they are often tested, so the level of their professionalism is only rising. They are ready to edit every type of paper because of the great amount of experience they have. Despite having a lot of professionals, we select the best one exactly for you and your task. Don't worry, your expert will be interested in assisting you as well as he can.

Openness and flexibility. We understand that each project is unique, and it is our top priority to facilitate a working space where you, as a customer, are free to discuss and communicate your ideas to the editor to align your vision. The editor, looking to turn your ideas into a powerful piece of writing, will provide a checkup file for you to review all the suggested improvements.

Protection. We operate in a safe and compliant mode by implementing the highest security standards. To protect your ownership rights, we delete all the files from our servers three weeks after you approve the paper. As we see our mission in full customer satisfaction, we are offering an unlimited number of re-edits. Also, upon your request, we can offer a different professional to work on your order, in case you are not fully satisfied with the quality of work. Rather an isolated than common occurrence, it is instantaneously settled by providing a free edit by another professional or an issuance of a full refund.

Are you convinced that actions speak louder than words? Then go for our trial offer of a 1-page free edit to check the quality of our services yourself! Our 24/7 customer care agents will be happy to assist with starting your free trial now! While we pick the best professional to work on your case, you are welcome to browse through our blog, where there is a myriad of writing tutorials as well as samples of our editors’ work. Visit our website to get a more comprehensive picture of what we have to offer. We promise that working with us will lead to an ultimate breakthrough in all your writing endeavors!

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Rated 4.8/5


Jennifer, Student

star 5

I needed my thesis to be thoroughly edited, as I felt highly insecure about the quality of my writing. The editor I hired from this website has done an incredible job of revising the entire 43 pages of my paper word-for-word, making the text read smoothly. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to receive an excellent grade.


Mary, Freelance Writer

star 5

I got to work with a brilliant editor! She enhanced my essay stories, which gave me confidence at the literary evenings I am a regular of. The editor, who turned out to be the sweetest person as well, offering me support and guidance throughout the entire process, has addressed all my concerns and exceeded all my expectations.


John, Business Owner

star 5

Simply outstanding. I get assistance with writing posts for my Insta page, Facebook page and the online shop when I need to market new items. Never once have I been disappointed with the quality of service. Wishing the best of luck and lots of user traffic to you. Great service.


Sarah, College Student

star 5

It came to me as no surprise that my writing was far from perfect. Having received negative feedback on my recent work at college, I decided that I needed help fast. This place has been truly a lifesaver. I really loved that I could actively engage in a process by being invited to one-on-one discussions with the editor. Thorough comments were timely provided, along with a comprehensive report on the changes the editor made. It turned out to be quite educational as well, as my editor has pointed out the most frequent mistakes that I make so that I would avoid making them in the future. Your customer appreciation is on the highest level. I will definitely be coming back!

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Do I need to use editing services at all?

If you care about the effect that your writing has on the reader as well as strive for excellence – to opt for proofreading and editing services – is never a bad idea. The sophisticated vocabulary and logical presentation help the readers to see your essay subject exactly the way you intended. What’s more, professional help can make a big difference in how your writing sends a message across.

Is it safe to order on ProEditSolutions?

We have been offering our services for over 10 years now. We provide the best quality for a reasonable price, which means that our customers never regret spending a single cent!
Not only that, but we accept both PayPal and credit card payments to ensure a safe and hassle-free user journey. All the payments as well as orders are processed by using 128-bit SSL encryption, so that sensitive user data is always safe and fully protected.

What is our value proposition?

You pay for the impeccable grammar and the highest level of accuracy, the timely delivery, priceless expert knowledge about the subject, us addressing all the pressing questions you have been having about your work, and 24/7s support at your fingertips. As a pleasant bonus, we provide the Title and Reference pages completely free of charge! Learn more about our pleasant prices, promotional offers, and great discounts for our loyal clients.